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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you teach?

You can learn in my rope room in Nottingham, or I can travel to you. I teach regularly at the Nottingham Rope Social and Birmingham Rope Classes if you'd like to get an idea of my teaching style before you arrange a class.

How can I contact you?
You can contact me here.
How much do you charge?

If I'm teaching at my home studio, £50 per hour.

If I'm travelling to you, £60 per hour plus my travel expenses. 

Can you arrange someone for me to tie during class?

Several experienced rope models are happy to stand in during classes, male and female, however they will request a contribution for their time and experience, usually £15 an hour.

I don't have any rope, can you lend me some?

Yes you're welcome to borrow rope whilst you're with me. 

Do you teach shibari/kinbaku/rope bondage/rigging?

The terms shibari, kinbaku, rope bondage and rigging are interchangeable in most situations.

Shibari and Kinbaku are Japanese terms whose meaning in certain contexts means 'to bind' (shibari) or 'tie with feeling' (kinbaku). Many techniques I teach originate from Japan but there's been significant educational exchange and development across the globe. You can get high level rope education in many countries, without needing to visit Japan.

Should I learn rope from you?

My students range from complete beginners to internationally recognised teachers.

I can teach you solid fundamentals, going up to transitional suspension, and a strong framework for continuing to learn.

Should I learn takedown and restraint from you?

If it interests you, yes. There are very few people who teach takedowns for kink. The techniques that I cover have been specifically developed for BDSM and many are unique to me.

I've studied martial arts for most of my life, having competed in judo and submission wrestling and later coaching in training camps for MMA, submission wrestling and Brazilian Ju Jitsu fighters.

There is loads of material about takedowns from established martial arts but I found the existing forms too dangerous to use on a partner (in a live sparring environment twisted ankles/broken fingers occur on a weekly basis, and these are people who know how to protect themselves and land properly). It took several months of labs sessions to start adapting what I'd learned in dojos for use in a home environment for a play partner who wasn't trained in martial arts.


Do you work with pro dommes?


Yes. I've worked as a professional BDSM provider so can provide guidance in this area. This includes: quick ties, equipment cleaning and maintenance, considerations for marks on skin, bondage on the go, using rope within a Domme/sub scene (e.g. preparing someone in a restrained position to worship or serve you from). Also, depending on your situation, I might be able to adapt your playspace to give you more restraint possibilities.

Isn't rope really technical/boring?


Rope CAN be very technical and boring if the people tying are focusing purely on the technical aspect. For me, a good rope session shows a combination of technique and intention.

With this in mind, I don't like tuition to be purely about repeating patterns, to me it's as much about teaching how to tie in a fun and enjoyable way.

Find out more about the topics I teach here. 

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