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I'm Christian Red, a full time rigger based in the Nottingham area of the UK. ​

Since becoming a rope educator full time, my focus has been on giving people tools and ideas to express themselves by breaking complex topics into simple ideas.

Find out more about learning from me here. 

I currently run rope events in the middle of England and travel further afield to teach, perform, and create art. 

I've taught rope/takedown workshops at various places including Tangled Rope Festival, Nottingham Rope, Nottingham University, York University, Pleasure Rebels Manchester, Anatomie Studios, Prague Shibari Festival, Athens Rope, Rope Office Hours, Glasgow Rope, Rope On! (Edinburgh), UKREx, EURIX, Kinbaku North, Highland House, Sadistic String, Oxford Peer Rope, String Fling, Saturday Shibari, York Peer Rope, Birmingham Peer, Leicester Peer, Northampton Rope Group, Embargo, and Bedford Peer.

I've performed at the Prague Shibari Festival, BBB, Rope Showcase (Edinburgh), Cirque De Chaos, KFS, Birmingham Play Munch and SWAMP. 

You can see a rough schedule of other groups I visit here. 

My priority as a rigger is to develop a shared space with the person I'm tying, giving them freedom to explore themselves and their desires. Polishing our skills with rope allows us to tune into different headspaces and situations, allowing us to feel as if the rope is an extension of ourselves and we can let go and enjoy ourselves.

I've studied with many well-respected rope artists including Barkas, Wildties, Xian, Gorgone, Gestalta, Kazami Ranki, Fred Hatt, Anna Bones, and Ro-nin but do not reflect a particular school or style. Along the way, I've studied with and collaborated with various medical and mental health professionals. I remain a lifelong student.

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